The NIVYLEN-Technology  

The NIVYLEN ® - Technology is a new high tech material technology specially developed for the application as gliding soles for winter sports products like skis and snowboards. The company Felix Material Science GmbH is located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, where its patented NIVYLEN ® - Technology was developed over the last years and also all the NIVYLEN ® - materials are manufactured exclusively in Germany .

In comparison to common running bases made solely of polyethylene, which is the most common low cost mass plastic, the NIVYLEN ®- material is a new patented copolymer based on a synthesis of different polyolefins. NIVYLEN ® is significantly harder, lighter, stronger, dimension stable and much more resistant to mechanical and environmental stress than polyethylenes. Also the NIVYLEN ®- running bases show up with a revolutionary micro-pore structure, which enables them besides to hold up to 3 times more wax than common bases. Furthermore it implements an intermolecular effect which is tuned to make the surface of the NIVYLEN ®- running bases changing its surface hardness to the snow temperature without a significant influence to the materials flexural strength.

Particularly the NIVYLEN ®- Technology shows a total new approach regarding the achievement of continuous good gliding properties, as the material will not get immediately grey and hairy as polyethylene bases always do, it stays even with low maintenance fresh and keeps gliding in opposite to Polyethylene bases.

After 50hours of permanent riding without maintenance:

Sintered Polyethylen Base
NIVYLEN ® - Base

As described above the NIVYLEN ®- running bases show compared to common running bases outstanding properties, which result in the following described performance features.

The NIVYLEN ®-running bases show up with an exceptional consistent quality and every running meter base is like the other and the wax treatments stay also better on its surface, because the NIVYLEN ®-running bases show up with a unique steady homogenous micro pore material structure, which provides an up to 3 times more wax absorption than common running bases, and a better wax layer adhesion.


The NIVYLEN ®-running bases don't get immediately dry, hairy and grey as polyethylene bases do when the wax is gone, they stay gliding as no hairs appear and designs also keep looking crisp.


So the NIVYLEN ®-running bases can even be used with extreme low - maintenance as they do not have to be always waxed for not breaking down, they keep looking good and stay gliding as no hair will build up as common PE bases do then.


Because NIVYLEN ®-running bases adapt their surface hardness to the snow conditions, the bases perform exceptional in all snow conditions.


Especially with the Crystallclear additivation NIVYLEN ®-running bases can show up with the clearest running base worldwide, which additionally never gets grey by riding. So NIVYLEN ®-running bases give with its Crystallclear grade a total new platform for printed running bases.

Print result comparison NIVYLEN Crystallclear to common clear PE bases

Besides the NIVYLEN ®-running bases are able to be repaired in common way with their origin NIVYLEN ® material, which enables a full restoration of the bases after damage. Furthermore the NIVYLEN ®-running bases are eco-friendly and recyclable.

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